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September 26, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

Let us know what you think about the Daily WRAG’s blogs!

By Kendra Allen
Editor, Daily WRAG

Before joining the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers as editor of the Daily WRAG, I was just a consumer of the newsletter, checking it, like I suspect many of you do (almost) daily when I had the time. I found it interesting and useful as a newcomer to philanthropy (I had never even thought about the field before being hired by Consumer Health Foundation in 2014), since it offered me another view into the field.

It allowed me to become familiar with the thought leaders in the funding community, and to learn how this sector is harnessing its collective power to aid advocates and other allies in the longstanding and energy-consuming fight against America’s crusades on the less wealthy, on non-whites, on non-Christians, on non-males, on non-heterosexual or non-cisgendered people; or simply, on the class our society proclaims “the other.”

I especially appreciated reading about the perspectives of others like Tamara and other WRAG members through the featured blogs. I was grateful that Anthony Pleasant shared his efforts to fully participate as a US citizen with the stigmas and limited options he found after he left prison or when Tamara introduced the “Putting Racism on the Table” series as a way of challenging philanthropy to take action on racism.

While many of the blogs made me think about my experiences and possibly hold conversations with others, I did not write a comment on the actual blogs. I’m admitting that now before I make this request of you. The Daily WRAG was created to offer a curated roundup of news important to the social sector in the Greater Washington region, highlight the work of WRAG and its members, and to serve as an additional vehicle to prompt dialogue.

When we invite people to share their ideas on our platform, we hope that it generates conversation, rumination and, perhaps action (whether that be in your personal or professional life). We would love to hear your thoughts, and so would your peers. Are you willing to read our blogs and comment on them? We promise we’ll talk back.


  1. ba / Sep 26 2017 10:48 am

    love reading the Daily WRAG – it keeps me informed about topical issues that may not be a part of my nonprofit work life but important to my philanthropic life.

  2. Heidi Hermisson / Sep 26 2017 12:48 pm

    Thanks for posting that comments are welcome. So grateful for the WRAG blog. Thanks sending along the report on cases against poverty

  3. Sarah A. Foote / Sep 26 2017 1:49 pm

    The Daily WRAG is one of the best parts of living in this region. Being a native Northern Virginian (Fairfax/Alexandria) for pretty much my whole life, I appreciate the very specific regional focus, and learn so much about my community in different ways from your articles! It is also a blessing to know that there are folks who are engaged in so many different aspects of NGO’s around here… my work in affordable/transitional housing and education is often in direct conversation with what you include in the Daily. Thank you for bringing awareness and focus to topics that really matter.

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