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December 13, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

A new publication explores the demographics of America’s working class

WORKFORCE | The Center for American Progress has released a brief using data from the last 75 years on the educational attainment, gender, race, and industry of American workers ages 18 and older to analyze the composition of the US working class. It found that women and people of color make up a larger portion of this sector. (CityLab, 12/11)

The report concludes: The struggles of the working class will not be solved by states’ piecemeal efforts to open new factories by luring companies with tax incentives. Nor will they be solved through presidential pressure to delay a plant’s outsourcing by another year. Instead, policymakers need a broader, bolder policy vision—one that puts the government firmly on the side of workers and their families. Laws should make it easier for these workers to join together in unions, as past and current union organizing has contributed greatly to the increase in the quality of industrial jobs.

RACIAL EQUITY/WRAG | WRAG is excited to announce we are partnering with Leadership Greater Washington to expand the regional, cross-sector network of philanthropic, nonprofit, and civic leaders who understand racism and are committed to working for racial justice. With our new learning series, Expanding the Table for Racial Equity, we hope to grow the network of people committed to promoting and working together for racial equity in the Greater Washington region. (Daily, 12/13)

HEALTH | Montgomery County is planning to file a lawsuit against prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors due to false marketing that described the drug as nonaddictive. (Bethesda Beat, 12/12)

PUBLIC SAFETYMaryland lawmakers to track sexual harassment claims — but not reveal offenders (WaPo, 12/12)

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE | Opponents of a planned gas pipeline in Virginia claim a small victory after the State Water Control Board delays construction date until several environmental impact reports are completed. (WaPo, 12/12)

– Maryland and Virginia’s plans to improve schools need to be reworked, according to a group of education policy experts. (WTOP, 12/12)

– Will other states follow in California’s footsteps to highlight the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals to the development of the US in their textbooks? (Atlantic, 12/12)

NONPROFITS | How organizations can raise more money by asking donors to increase their gifts at a delayed date. (Bloomberg View, 12/11)

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