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March 22, 2018 / Kendra Allen, Editor

DC is preparing for the ‘March for Our Lives’ protest against gun violence

PUBLIC SAFETY | Almost 500,000 people, most of them youth, will descend on the nation’s capital this Saturday to call for an end to gun violence. The students organized the march after the recent mass school shooting in Florida. Speakers include students who have experienced school shootings, and students and activists from around the region. (WaPo, 3/20)

A school shooting at Great Mills High School in Southern Maryland gave the march renewed local significance, some officials said Tuesday, and prompted social media posts of support and solidarity from the Parkland organizers.

Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma González, 18, tweeted early Tuesday: “We are Here for you, students of Great Mills . . . together we can stop this from ever happening again.”

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | The Office of the DC Auditor has created an interactive map that shows users where affordable housing has been created and preserved in the District. There are little to no units in wards 2, 3 and 6. (Curbed, 3/20)

– Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam has proposed a new budget that includes Medicaid expansion. (WaPo, 3/21)

– A new report found that death rates have risen for middle-aged whites living in affluent areas in Virginia between 1995 and 2014. The researchers say stress-related conditions can be blamed for the increase. (Richmond Times, 3/21)

NONPROFITS | A longtime volunteer has donated $250,000 to Arlington Free Clinic, a nonprofit medical center in Virginia. (ARLnow, 3/21)

PHILANTHROPY | Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy, discusses the near invisibility of Native Americans in philanthropy and US society in general. (PND Blog, 3/21)

HOUSINGD.C.’s Plan For Future Growth Fails Low-Income Residents, Activists Say (WAMU, 3/21)

TRANSPORTATION | DC’s mayor has announced a plan to increase the tax on ride-sharing services, commercial property tax and the city’s sales tax to help pay for Metro funding. (WTOP, 3/22)

CRIMINAL JUSTICE | There’s a growing movement of activists calling for the end of money bail, which contributes to the criminalization of low-income communities. (Atlantic, 3/21)

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– Kendra

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