Placing midwives in high schools helps to educate teens on sexual health

– Teen pregnancy has decreased overall in the US, but the rates still remain high in some communities, including those that are low-income and communities of color. In this District high school, with help from a CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield grant, a midwife works to provide prenatal care, contraceptives and counseling to teen parents and other students. (NPR, 6/11)

Patchen had been trying to combat the city’s teen pregnancy rates for twenty years as the founder of the Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting or TAPP at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. She was happy with what they accomplished, but she wanted more access to the young people who needed her. Her organization got a 2015 grant from the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield health insurance to start working in two schools. Now she says she’s one of a handful of school midwives in the country.

In the three years that she’s been working out of Anacostia High School, Patchen says no students participating in the program have had a subsequent pregnancy. And after choosing a long term birth control method like an IUD, 85 percent of Anacostia students are still using it one year later.

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