There are almost 100 long-term homeless individuals living in downtown Silver Spring

HOMELESSNESS | Bethesda Cares, a nonprofit working to end homelessness in Montgomery County, has published a report on the yearlong research it conducted to document homelessness in downtown Silver Spring. The report focused on individuals who had been homeless for thirty days or more. (Bethesda Beat, 7/24)

Bethesda Cares identified the following statistics for those individuals who were homeless in the Silver Spring area for 30 days or more:

  • 72 percent were men, compared to 28 percent women;
  • 52 percent were black and 34 percent were white. Eleven percent of those identified described themselves as Hispanic;
  • 20 were 62 or older;
  • 73 percent self-reported a mental illness or were observed with mental health symptoms;
  • 72 were identified as chronically homeless, meaning they had been continuously homeless for a year or more;
  • 26 received housing during the reporting period, 19 of them through Montgomery County’s Housing Initiative Program;

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