Studying the life expectancy gap in the Greater Washington region

– Residents of Friendship Village, a community in Montgomery County, MD, are expected to live for about 96 years, the longest life expectancy in the region. The residents with the lowest life expectancy live just a few miles away in DC’s Barry Farms community. Their life expectancy is 63 years. (WaPo, 9/21)

When you highlight the long-lived folks in suburban Maryland, it becomes even harder to ignore that, just 10 miles away, there are neighborhoods where residents are expected to live three decades less. About 71 percent of D.C.-area neighborhoods have life expectancy above the national average, but those that don’t include some of the least privileged neighborhoods in the entire country.

The 21 tracts with the lowest life expectancy in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area are all in D.C. itself, concentrated southeast of the Anacostia River.

– Virginia’s Medicaid work requirement won’t hit until long after program expands next year (WaPo, 9/22)

– Congrats to WRAG member Sonia McCormick of PNC Bank and Natalie Cofield of Walker’s Legacy for being named two of the 2018 Washington Business Journal Women Who Mean Business honorees!

– The Entertainment and Sports Arena, which will house the Washington Mystics, officially opened in Congress Heights this Saturday, and residents are hopeful that the facility will have a positive impact on the area. (WaPo, 9/22)

WORKFORCEJP Morgan Chase has released a study that suggests the ‘gig’ economy will not be the workforce of the future. (WTOP, 9/24)

LGBTQIA RIGHTS | DC Council has passed a bill that made a current DMV policy, which allows residents to obtain IDs with non-binary gender markers, permanent. (Metro Weekly, 9/20)

PUBLIC SAFETY | DC Police have always had the choice to issue citations for public marijuana use rather than arresting residents. Now, the mayor and police department have announced the police will only issue citations, except in certain cases. (WAMU, 9/24)

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