The impact of universal pre-K in the District of Columbia

– The Center for American Progress has released a report that analysed the impact of universal preschool on mothers in DC. The report found that the maternal labor force participation increased among both low-income and high-income families. (Center for American Progress, 9/26)

Looking within the population of District of Columbia families, this study finds that there are significant differences in maternal labor force participation by marital status, education level, total family income, and race/ethnicity. Increases in maternal labor force participation are driven by both low-income and very-high-income mothers, while middle-income mothers have roughly the same maternal labor force participation as before universal preschool expansion.

Low-income and unmarried women may have increased their labor force participation rates, but many are still unemployed or working part-time. Meanwhile, among high-income families, about 88 percent of mothers with young children were employed—a rate that is comparable to that of fathers of all income levels with young children.

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