New research shows how a citizenship question would suppress the census count

– Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. The Court will consider whether the administration violated administrative law and the Constitution in adding the question to the census. (WaPo, 4/22)

A crucial issue in the case is whether adding this question for the first time since 1950 will hurt the ability of the census to accurately count the American population. In particular, critics of the administration fear the question will dissuade some US residents, especially immigrants, from answering the census. Research suggests these fears are justified. Surveys and experiments show that the citizenship question would make people less likely to respond to the census and provide complete information if they do respond. This is particularly true for Latinos and immigrants.

Opinion: A C.E.O.’s Plea: Don’t Mess With the Census (NYT, 4/22)

– Federal officials are investigating a complaint that alleged that Montgomery County schools discriminated against Asian American students while seeking to address racial disparities in two middle school magnet programs. (WaPo, 4/21)

Opinion: Georgetown students have voted in favor of reparations. Will America? (WaPo, 4/21)

CLIMATE | Schools aren’t teaching students about climate change, and a majority of parents, regardless of political background, wish they would. (NPR, 4/22)

CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM | Criminal justice reform advocates are alarmed by a proposed new federal hiring requirement that would throw up a potential roadblock for those accused of misdemeanors or low-level felonies. (WaPo, 4/21)

HOUSING/EQUITY | District residents who live in federally-assisted housing can be evicted for marijuana use even though it is now legal in DC – but a new bill may change that. (dcist, 4/19)

TRANSPORTATION | The Greater Washington region is one step closer to the development of a 35-mile underground tunnel that would take electric vehicles from DC to Baltimore in 15 minutes. (WAMU, 4/18)

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