New study finds it will take 20 years for new teachers in the Greater Washington region to buy a home

EDUCATION | It is generally believed that teachers are not compensated adequately for their work to educate future generations. A National Center on Teacher Quality report supports this claim. In the Greater Washington region, it will take a new teacher almost twenty years to buy a home if they are saving 10% of their annual income to buy a home and putting down a 20% down payment. (WAMU, 10/17)

Not surprisingly, D.C. is one of the least affordable places for new teachers to rent a one-bedroom apartment, assuming the median rent is $2,164 per month. First year teachers in the D.C. metro area make between $47,000 and $52,000 per year, depending on the school system.

Even a teacher with an advanced degree making the maximum salary in their district would struggle to pay the median homeowner cost in the region. The report shows a teacher who makes the maximum salary in the district spends 42 percent of their salary on homeowner costs. In Fairfax County, 51 percent of a teacher’s salary are spent on homeowner costs.

GENDER EQUITY | According to a new report by American University’s Kogod School of Business for Women in Technology, women only hold 14% of board seats in the Greater Washington region. (WBJ, 10/17)

HEALTH CARE | Almost half of the DC Council disapprove of the consulting firm running United Medical Center, the only public hospital in the District and the only full-service hospital east of the Anacostia River, and have reservations about renewing its contract. (WaPo, 10/17)

HOUSING | An old office building in Hyattsville, MD will be turned into an apartment building with mostly one bedroom units. (Hyattsville Wire, 10/13)

– George Soros, founder of Open Society Foundations, has committed $18 billion to his organization, which places the foundation as the second largest private grantmaker in terms of assets. (Chronicle, 10/17)

– Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute discussed the need for education funders to be more accountable to the programs they fund. (EdWeek, 10/10) What do you think?

TRAVEL BANFederal Judge In Maryland Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Attempt (NPR, 10/18)

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